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07/13/2005 Entry: "Bible Trivia"

Over on Village Soup, somone posted a tread about trivia. Someone then started making up little themed trivia quizes. I thought I'd make one up to share with them, and share with you too. So I thought up these questions out of my head. Your job is to email me your answers. No google, no concordance, no checking! This is trivia--it needs to be in your head! The winner will get a prize.


1) Moses put a snake up on a staff. What was the snake made of?

2) In Revelation, seven seals are opened. What happens at the opening of the seventh seal?

3) Peter cut of the ear of a soldier in the garden at Gethsemane. What was the name of the soldier? Which ear was cut off?

4) A woman poured perfume on Jesus before he was crucified. What was the kind of perfume? What kind of vessel was it in?

5) A man once beat his donkey, only to have the donkey turn around and speak to him! What was the man's name?

6) One of the major prophets saw a wheel within a wheel coming out of heaven with strange beings around it. Who was it?

7) One of the disciples saw a sheet with "unclean" animals in it lowered from heaven. Who was it?

8) Which one of these animals were Jews ALLOWED to eat? Bats, Shrimp, Eels, Grasshoppers, or Eagles.

9) After Judas hanged himself, the remaining disciples picked someone to take his place. What was his name?

10) There are three angels (four if you use the Apocrypha) named in the Bible. What are their names? (Extra credit for Protestants who get the 4th one!)

11) Two people in the Bible didn't die a bodily death--they were taken up to Heaven without dying. Who were they?

12) One of these couples weren't romantically involved. Which one? Isaac and Rebecca, Samson and Delilah, Moses and Meriam, Jacob and Rachel.

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