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07/15/2005 Entry: "Gina's Really High Browed MI-5"

"The following are the kinds of questions you get when you go drinking with a couple philosophy majors, a social worker and one psych grad student:"

1. Complete the sentence "We are on this earth to ..."
"Fear God and keep his commandments." Ecclesiastes 12:13

2. Cite an experience that truly makes you feel insignificant in the larger sense of the universe.
I guess I'm too ego centric. I don't know that I've ever felt insignificant in the larger sense. In fact, I think just the opposite! God made mankind to be the MOST siginifcant part of the universe. Maybe I'm playing with semantics a little, but there are some things that have really humbled/awed me in nature. I cried at the birth of all three of my children. And of course what Dad is going through really makes me think about life/death and all that surrounds it. But through all that, I don't feel insignificant.

3. How do you define what true personal freedom is?
"All things are permissible to me me, but not all things are expediant." 1st Corintians 10:23. Translation? Because Christ died for all sin at Calvary, you're forgiven for whatever you do. But not everything is benefical. So I'm free in everything I do, knowing that if I mess up, I'm still forgiven. And yet, real strength is knowing what freedoms you have, and yet retraining yourself from those things for someone else. Does that answer the question?

4. What do you think is mankind's most positive enduring characteristic?
"Mankind" is sooo universal, and most things aren't truly universal, so it's hard to pick. I would say that, in general, most of mankind wants to see their children succeed/do well in their life.

5. Name something you miss from your childhood?
Icy cold Coca-Cola in GLASS bottles!

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