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07/20/2005 Entry: "iTunes"

So I'm DJing this class reunion this weekend. Their graduation song was a Cat Stevens number called "Child for a Day." I looked on line for it for a couple of nights, but no dice. I asked Jimmy T last night if he could find it on iTunes. Sure enough, they had it. 99 cents. Fine. I'll sign up for an iTunes account. One small problem: it won't work with Windows 98. Ok, whatever. I have a Mac at the office, but it doesn't have a CD burner. So I figure I'll use the Mac, download the song, upload it to my web space, download it when I get home, and burn it to CD. Here's the rub. The song you buy isn't in standard MP3 format. It's some Mac special format called m4p or something. What's that mean? Well, it means you have to use iTunes to to play the song, or you have to use iTunes to burn it to a CD. So I have one machine that doesn't have iTunes, but has a burner, and another machine that HAS iTunes, but doesn't have a burner! Great! So I still end up asking Jim to burn the CD for me. Why hasn't Apple released iTunes for Win 98? This is the first time I've had a piece of software that won't work on 98. Oh well, Apple. It looks like it's back to WinMX for me...

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iTunes also isn't made for 9.x macs.

I should probably know this but what is WinMX?

Posted by Jim @ 07/20/2005 06:56 PM EST

Why don't you just break down and get a mini. You know you want one.

Posted by Jim @ 07/22/2005 11:53 AM EST

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