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07/22/2005 Entry: "Jimmy's Design MI-5"

"In our local area we are seeing a lot of growth and change. Every end of town has a construction or remodel project it seems either going on or pending. This week we ask you to think in those terms and tell us a bit about how you might design our retail future in this area."

1. You want to open a restaurant. What kind of restaurant do you choose for Rockland? This would be based on what you think Rockland could really use.
Rockland needs a good diner. Somewhere you can get meatloaf and gravy, or hot turkey sandwiches. Somthing along the lines of what Dave's was back in the good old days. And, it would be open late, and have affordable lunch specials you can take on the run.

2. What type of store would you like to see in Rockland if you could add one?
We need a book/CD store. A Borders or a Barnes and Noble. Other than Wal-Mart, where can you buy a CD in this town? Nowhere! We need some place where you can find jazz cds.

3. If you had to put out the welcome mat to a national chain store or restaurant for this area what would it be?
Applebees/TGI Fridays.

4. What type of service business do you think Rockland needs or needs more of?
Gas stations.
No really, now. Rockland has more convenience stores than you can shake a stick at. What we need is a restaurant that delivers in the evening. We've got Snappy's Pizza and Dominos, and I hate Dominos pizza. We need a Chinese place that delivers!

5. A development company has hired you to scout a location for a smaller to medium sized shopping mall. They want to build something that will compliment the area. Tell them your vision for this type of facility for the greater Rockland area? Location, style and how it might blend in and look to this area. Have fun with this one!
It would have a Borders, a Chinese place that delivers, a vintage drum shop, and some good antique place packed with corner chairs. At the end of the mall would be a cool vintage diner.

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You forgot location for the mall. Where would you put it?

Posted by Jim @ 07/22/2005 09:32 PM EST

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