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07/27/2005 Entry: "You won't believe what happened to me tonight!"

You'll never believe what I just tried for the first time: cooked spinach! I've had it in stuff before, like lasagna, or stuffed in a chicken breast, or on pizza. And I like it raw in salads. But I've never just had it as, like, a vegetable. But here in the Batty household, we've really been diging the Birds Eye and Green Giant frozen veggies in sauce. So the other day, I was stocking up on the stuff, and I found creamed spinach. So I figured "Hey, I've liked the other stuff, let's go out on a limb." So I brought some home. Julia and Susan didn't dig it too much. Susan liked the flavor, but not the texture. Julia just flat didn't like it. I loved it. Of course, since no one else liked it, I probably never get it again. It'll get filed away with beef stroganoff and Sweedish meatballs--other dishes only I like, and thus never get... Anyway, three cheers for creamed spinach!

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