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07/27/2005 Entry: "The weekend wrap-up, a few days late."

Friday I left the office at five instead of six. Barry was looking for some extra scrach, and I was looking to give up some hours. It gave me an hour to get home and see the kids before I had to head out for the gig in Bangor. We played this place called Carolina's, formerly The Waterfront, right under the bridge, near the Sea Dog. It was a slow crowd. At no time were their more than 1/2 dozen people watching the band. The bar is in another room, and of course that's where most people stayed. On the ride home, at about 1:30am, a state trooper pulled me over. He said he pulled me over for speeding, and I was going over the limit: I was doing about 34 in a 25. I think he really wanted to know if I was drinking. You see, he never said how fast I was going. "I pulled you over for speeding" was all he said. He gave me a warning, and on the description it just said "speeding." No "Do you know you were going 34 in a 25? kinda thing. In any event, I think this is the first time I've been pulled over for a moving violation. Oh wait, that's not true. Jeremy Rackliffe pulled me over in Waldoboro once for doing 55 in a 45. Again with the 10 over. I'm quite the speed demon!

So then Saturday dawns. I get up around 8am--sleept late, I did. Barry worked my Saturday shift too, and it was a good thing he did. I packed the DJ equipment into the truck in the morning. My nephew had his birthday party at 1pm. Since family from New Hampshire were coming up for the party, and since it was the boys actual birthday, we felt we should be there. So we packed everyone up for Eben's Batman party. We got home around 3pm, and that gave me a minute or two to close my eyes before the 6-10pm 20th class reunion. The reunion was fine, if uneventful. Class reunions are a little funky to DJ. Most people don't want to dance. They want to sit at talk, and catch up on where everyone's at. But at the end of the night, they said I did a good job, they'd call me in five years, and even gave me a little tip. I got home, unpacked the gear, and was in bed around midnight.

Sunday. No morning church for me. I know, can you believe it! I had a gig in Belfast that started at 1pm (so I thought), so I needed to leave Rockland at 11am--the time the morning worship service starts. So I left my house a little before 11, planning on being there at noon, and giving me my customary hour to set up. When I arrived, everyone was on stage ready to go. When I parked, members of the steel drum band swarmed my car, eager to help me schlep. "It's good to see everyone here so early," I said.

"Early?! We start at noon!"

It was a 12-2 gig. For some reason, I remembered it as 1-3. So, I missed the first 2-3 songs, but by 12:15 I was set up and playing.

Sunday evening, played the drums at church, then Subway for supper. Two foot longs for nine bucks. Susan had meatball, I had the toasted chicken bacon ranch. Yum.

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