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08/22/2005 Entry: "MI-5, Dreadfully Late!"

1) Name 5 songs that always make you feel good:
"Jungle Boogie," Kool and the Gang
"Sumthin, Sumthin," Maxwell
Anything where Satchmo sings
"September," Earth, Wind, and Fire
Almost anything by James Brown, but especially "Sex Machine" or "Papa Don't Take No Mess."
(Ok, technically that's six...)

2) List 5 things you keep around, but don't know why:
Receipts from gas stations
Foam peanuts (useful when you need them, but I don't need them too frequently)
A couple of lengths of old garden hose. Too good to throw away, but I have enough hose to go down the block!
Socks with holes in them.
Record albums I know I'll never listen to.

3) How about 5 people (outside of family) you couldn't (or wouldn't want to) live without:
Jimmy T
Gordon "White Flame" Page
Mack and Harvey (they come in a set)

4) Tell us your 5 favorite physical places in Maine:
Spruce Head
Megunticook lake
Allagash Wilderness Waterway
This little lake I know in Washington
Spruce Head

5) Finally, your 5 favorite food items (in no specific order):
Pasta, specifically farfalle (the little bow-ties)
Bacon (The previous two to be used in a sauce to go over item 1)

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