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08/26/2005 Entry: "The Fire Engine MI-5"

I took the afternoon off to do some shopping--for fire engines! Here's the Billy Rhythm Fire Engine inspired MI-5.

1) A fire truck sure is an impractical vehicle. If you could pick an impractical vehicle to just have fun in, what would it be?
Other than the fire truck (which could be considered somewhat practical... I could still drive it and take it places), I'd like to have my very own two seat convertible. Maybe a little yellow Miata like Keith Wass has. At the far end of "no way I'll ever own one" scale is a B-17 Flying Fortress or an F4u Corsair.

2) Fire trucks are generally red, but they sometimes come in yellow or white. Name three things cool you own: one red, one white, and one yellow.
I own a '92 Ford F-150 called "White Lightnin'," but it's not really cool. I used to own a set of yellow Gretsch drums. Red? I have a cool red couch that Susan and I bought just after the boys were born.

3) My fire engine love comes from childhood. What childhood hobby/dream/love would you like to have now?
I'd like to get into stamp collecting again, but this time with a theme: first day covers. When a new stamp is released, it has an official Post Office that acts as the official release site. There's usually some kind of small ceremony there. You can then put the stamp on the envelope, and mail it from the official Post Office, and you'll get a special "First Day of Issue" cancellation on the stamp. Many people will decorate the envelope in the style of the stamp. See this FDC celebrating Maine's 150th birthday. As you can see from the cancellation, Portland ME was the official station.

4) Very few people own a fire engine. Most people would think owning one rather odd. What do you own that some people may think odd?
One summer, Uncle Ade's family came up from New York. Aunt Ginny invited Lisa (my sister) and I to go out galivanting with them for the day. We had lunch at The Lobster Pound in Lincolnville Beach, and I remember all the folks from NY were surprised I didn't order the lobster. (I ordered chicken strips. I didn't like lobster then.) Then we went to Perry's Nut House where I bought a paperweight that had a scorpion in it. I still have it.

5) If I owned a fire truck, I'd take you for a ride someplace fun. Where would you like me to take you?
I'd like to take me to Dorman's for ice cream, then down to the Maine Mall.

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