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08/28/2005 Entry: "Leedy Done"

I finished the Leedy Black Elite this morning. There's no mistaking it for a snare from the early '20s. It's still got some use scars on it. But if I do anymore, I'd have to sacrifice the original "Nobby Gold" finish. The Nobby Gold is a copper colored lacquer shot over the brass hardware. So if you want to really shine it, you have to remove that lacquer. You're then left with plain brass (which isn't the color it originally looked like), or you have to have the brass plated with copper. The copper will look more like the original, but of course it's not original. And to do that would be expensive. Plus, there are no platers like that around here. So instead it got a good cleaning, but remains in its original, unaltered condition.

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Zowie! 23 Skidoo! That's the cat's pajamas kiddo!

Posted by Paddy @ 08/28/2005 11:24 PM EST

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