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08/29/2005 Entry: "Weekend Wrap Up"

Friday night. After I left the office, I went and did a computer memory upgrade for a client. Then at 7pm, I had a meeting with my brother-in-law and our former pastor. Grocery store next, then home. Supper was leftovers. Bed.

Saturday morning I got up and headed to work. I went and got breakfast for JP and me, but he declined; he'd not eat the chocolate crossaint, the blueberry/cream cheese crossaint, or the lemon poppy seed muffin. Oh well, I tried to be a nice guy. It was very slow at the office. Emma (JP's daughter) came to visit for a while, and in between phone calls I polished tension rods for the Leedy. I had a gig at the Union Fair in the evening, and that went well. The WFLs sounded really nice. A quick walk around the fair, then home. Snappy's pizza for supper, which was (as always) good. If only they had roasted red peppers and chopped garlic.

Sunday I stayed home with the boys. When we take them to church, we always end up downstairs anyway. So we've decided that we'll switch weeks; one week Susan will go to church and I'll stay home, and the next week the reverse. This was my home week. So once I put the boys down for their morning nap, I finished the Leedy. Once they got up, it was time to head for Grampy and Grammy-Nan's for lunch. Lunch was good, and Dad felt well enough to come to the table. Nathaniel decided that walking was faster than crawling (finally!), and I'm glad to say he's quite comfortable with it now. (Matt of course has been walking well for three weeks or so.) In the afternoon, I washed the dishes and made a blueberry/sour cream pound cake. Although I did screw up the method a little, I was able to salvage it and make a pretty tasty cake. Sunday evening was church for the whole family. Then home, then sleep, then Monday.

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