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09/16/2005 Entry: "Paddy's MI-5"

Let's talk about love and friendship, shall we?

1) Are you a "soul mate" kind of person, or do you think that one can fall in love with any other. Or maybe you think something completely different? Elaborate.
Do I think there's only one person out there, just right for one other person, and if they don't find each other they're doomed? No. Can one person fall in love with any other? No. I think you can fall in love with all kinds of people. I also think that some people you just naturally click with. And when you find that kind of person, you get that soul mate feeling. I also believe in "love at first sight." I knew when I first saw Susan, filling the milk cooler at Mickey D's, there was something special about her. And though she wouldn't go out with me at first, I persisted, and now it's all this. When Mom met Dad, she was like six. They met at an ice skating party. She went home and told her mom that she met the boy she was going to marry. And she did.

2) Are you a one or two really close friends or many reasonably good friends type of person?
Both. I have a couple of really good friends, and a few reasonably good friends.

3) Have you ever been in love with two people at the same time? Do you feel the human heart is big enough to handle it?
No. Could it be done? Sure, I guess. Paddy says he's done it. I know how much work and time is inolved keeping one relationship happy and healthy. Doing it times two? You wouldn't be able to do anything else! And what about the physical love side? Keeping two women happy like that? I guess I'm man enough to admit I'm not man enough!

4) Did you ever have a major falling out with a friend? Perhaps one that was not resolved? No need to name names if you don't want to, but go into as much detail as time allows.
No, nothing major. Jim is the one really close friend who's close enough for me to fight with. And I know we'll get through it. We always do. But we've never had something go down that we didn't have settled by the next day.

But wait! As I wrote, I did think of one. I had this friend I was in a band with once. We needed some equipment, and we decided there would be a "band" purchase. We bought some lights and a trailer to haul gear in. When the band broke up, one guy was going to keep the trailer (towards which I paid $200) for himself, sell the lights, and use that money to pay everyone off. Instead, he kept both the trailer and the lights. I then found out he was renting the lights out to other bands. I called him to say that I would buy the lights myself. I'd pay off the other guys what they were owed, and keep the lights for my DJ business. He said "I can't let you have the lights, I'm making money with them!" Great. He was making money with gear I paid for! He lost me as a friend over $400 or so. I learned a valuable lesson: never go in on "band" gear.

5) What do you feel is the most important thing to have in a successful relationship, be it friendship, marriage, etc.?
"But now remains faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love."
1 Corinthians 13:13

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