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09/19/2005 Entry: "The Weekend Wrap Up"

Friday night. I was home. I'm trying to remember what went on. Not much of note, I guess. I even asked Susan what we did. "Nothing terribly exciting," she said. I think we watched Celebrity Poker Showdown.

Saturday morning I got up with the kids, and let Susan sleep in a little. At 9:30, I went over to the open house at Rockbound Computer's new building, and acted as the official liason on Midcoast Internet, giving away mugs and yo-yos. Karen and Dwight were getting married at 1pm, so I left for home about 10:45 to load equipment. I was at the hall more than my customary 1 1/2 hour early. The wedding went well. A little slow with the dancing at first, but they opened up at the end, and ended up asking me to stay an extra hour. It was nigh on 8pm by the time I was home.

Sunday morning came, and I was up at 7am. Susan made this yummy blueberry/french toast thing which was way yummy. I made coffee, which was pretty yummy too. We got the boys and Julia ready, and headed to church. I had Sunday School song duty, and I guess I pulled that off ok. I was supposed to have nursery duty, and 1/2 way through my brother-in-law Dwane spelled me so I could hear the sermon. Lunch was a Lisa's house. Julia and I snuggled on the floor while watching a boat salvage documentary in the afternoon, and I also managed to wash the dishes before evening church. Sunday supper was Subway--two for $8.99! I of course had the... Chicken/bacon ranch! I'm addicited!

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