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09/23/2005 Entry: "Good Morning on the Friday!"

Here's quick "good morning" wishes to you all, especially Harvey. Harv, you probably aren't reading this 'til Friday evening, but I'm posting it about 12 hours prior.

I woke up this morning...

(Ba Da Ba DA DA)

No, really. I woke up this morning to the alarm. Usually, I wake up 15 minutes to 1/2 hour before I need to get up. Then I lie there lazilly, thinking "I have 15 minutes left to sleep. I have 7 minutes... I have 3 minutes..." Not this morning. Sound sleep until the alarm went off. I'm attributing it in part to the cool evenings, and I'm sleeping sounder. Of course, the previous 2-3 days I've been sleeping until right before the alarm, and waking up tired. I think I'm going to bed at 9 tonight. I've got nothing going on, really, except I need to get the lawn mowed.

Last night I taught an eBay class for adult ed. 13 students. They usually book me 8, which means 5-6 actually show. Since it was going to be so full, the scheduled me for an extra hour--three hours instead of two. I told the class "This class is usually two hours long. Since it's so big, we have an extra hour to give us time to answer all your questions, but I'll probably get you out of here early." I did. Four minutes early. I took the whole three hours!

It strikes me as funny that I can teach a three hour class, lecturing the whole time, with no notes or outlines, before a dozen people, and not get the slightest bit nervous. And yet, preaching a 1/2 hour sermon before six people on a Sunday night scares me to death!

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It's 8:44 "AM" and I am readin' your post!!!!! Kind of thought you would do an early post!!!!

Posted by Harvey @ 09/23/2005 08:47 AM EST

It's a lot harder when those six people are all members of your own family! Think of me this weekend...I have 70 in my class in Bangor! crazy

Posted by Aunt Ginny @ 09/23/2005 09:09 AM EST

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