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09/21/2005 Entry: "Dad"

So here we are. Wednesday. Hump day. Over the hump. I'm glad for that. Yesterday was a big hump. It started in the afternoon. I hit a bit of a funk, and just couldn't pull out of it. I got home, and Julia had a friend over. Normally, no big whoop. But I just couldn't hack two seven year old girls laughing and tee-heeing. In the evening we had the pulpit committee meeting. There's a lot to this deacon thing. Especially when the other deacon hasn't been feeling well so hasn't been around much, and Dad was the third deacon. So it's really just me. Dwane, my brother-in-law, is helpful, but his recent work schedule has kept him busy. And it looks like I will be leading Bible study soon on Wednesday nights. On the drive home from the meeting, I got thinking about a small little problem my car has. And I thought about how I could no longer talk to Dad about such things. Dad was my advice machine. Need to talk? Need to work out a problem? Need sound adivce? Wisdom? Dad was my answer.

Last night, knowing my go to guy wasn't around anymore really hit hard.

Since I'm talking this stuff out, you want to know some touching (for me) moments about Dad's recent passing? Paddy and my father-in-law both used the phrase "Well done my good and faithful servant." I can't even type that without welling up... When the Coastie handed Mom the flag and said "On behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation..." Lump. Serious biting of the lip there. I was really touched whent the woman who used to clean Dad's office at Pen Bay spoke to me at the wake. What kind of man are you when the cleaning woman comes to your wake and says "Your father was always so much fun to be around. He used to kid me all the time!" My Dad touched so many people. So many different kinds of people. And he liked them all. Genuinely. He liked people, and was no respector of class. Man, he taught me so much, just by living his life the way he did. He gives me such a great example to strive for. I hope I can do it, Dad.

No more for now.

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Billy Rhythms Dad was an AWESOME Man and it show's in his equally AWESOME son!!!

Posted by Harvey @ 09/21/2005 08:45 PM EST

You are doing a wonderful job. I am so Proud of you, and love you very much.

Posted by Mom @ 09/22/2005 07:40 AM EST

Your dad touched my life too. I really thought he was a great guy and he showed me a lot of kindness over the years.

He gave me a great gift I could never pay him back for. A best friend.

Posted by Jim @ 09/22/2005 12:15 PM EST

Your Dad was a wonderful man and I hoope you know how far his influence has reached. He was a friend, advisor and confidant to me and I will miss him, as will the rest of the healthcare industry. He always made me laugh and look at life in a whole new meaning. His bravery with this cancer thing has only added to that. Thanks for sharing him with us.

Posted by Vicki Brown @ 09/22/2005 09:31 PM EST

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