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09/23/2005 Entry: "Gina's MI-5"

I'm going to make a CD of all these cuts; the soundtrack of Billy Rhythm's life. Email me if you want a copy. I've linked to the lyrics of the particular tune so you can read them. Be forwarned: lyric sites usually cause pop-up windows. Tunes without links are instrumentals. Now, onto Gina...
I read or heard somewhere that the worst thing about life is that there is no background music. Well here's your chance to create your own soundtrack for your life. As this weeks Friday Five is a bit different (only one major question), please answer each part - and then choose 5 to elaborate on the specifics, i.e. why you chose this song, etc. So here we go -

The Soundtrack of My Life

Opening Credits - "Pick Up the Pieces," Average White Band

Waking Up - Good Day Sunshine, The Beatles

Average Day - I'm Tryin', Trace Adkins

First Date - Peaceful Easy Feeling Eagles

Falling In Love - Crazy Love, Van Morrison. (I play this at just about every wedding reception I DJ. It's totally overlooked, and very sensual.)

Fight Scene - " 'Cause We've Ended as Lovers," Jeff Beck

Breaking Up - It's Too Late, Carole King

Getting Back Together - Let's Stay Together, Al Green

Secret Love - He'll Have to Go, Jim Reeves (For some reason, I always think of my grandmother--Ma--when I hear this tune. I don't know why.)

Life's Okay - Make Me Smile, Chicago

Mental Breakdown - Possession, Sarah McLachlan

Driving - Drive My Car, The Beatles

Learning a Lesson - "Practising, Practising," Charile Watts and his band

Deep Thought - Perfect Blue Buildings, Counting Crows

Flashback - If You Don't Know Me By Now, the Simply Red version. (I thought of "flashback" in the sense of a flashback scene in a movie, and not a drug induced sorta flash back.)

Partying - Brick House, The Commodores

Happy Dance - Time Warp, Rocky Horror Picture Show (This song used to be played at al the high-school dances. When I was a kid, we'd have 3-4 dances a year. It seems like they have far fewer now.)

Regretting - Flyswater/Ice Water Blues, Lyle Lovett

Long Night Alone - "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat," Charles Mingus

Death Scene - Baltimore, Lyle Lovett

Closing Credits - "Lullaby for Nicole," Johnny A

Replies: 2 people have rocked the mic!

It will take me absolutely forever to figure out songs for all of these---my song knowledge is nowhere near Billy Rhythym's. Maybe I could do all of mine in hymns. smile

Posted by Lisa @ 09/23/2005 05:54 PM EST

I wanna copy big grin

Posted by Amy @ 09/26/2005 01:16 PM EST

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