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09/26/2005 Entry: "The Weekend Wrap Up"

Friday night. No gigs. Home. I think we watched a little Celebrity Poker Championship Tournament. I made pork chops (Julia and I) and steak (Susan) on the grill, with cheesy rice (you know my thoughts on that: see items 3 + 4 here if you don't) and Szechwan vegetable medley. Bed.

Saturday. Well, we woke up to the sound of Nat crying. Nothing really special there. We let him fuss for a minute to see if he's settle down. He didn't. In fact, he started crying harder. So we went in to get him before he woke his brother. When we went in, we were a little shocked. It seems he'd somehow broken his crib. Susan mentioned that the boys have started running back and forth in their crib, and they think it's fun. Well, apparently Nat ran too hard to the end, and he broke the glue joint holding on the end of his crib! He'd busted off the entire stern! Then he'd gotten wedged between the floor of the crib, the end, and the wall. SO we pulled him out, and he was fine. No damage to him at all. I took the rest of the early morning to drill and screw the end back on. Now, there are four screws as well as the dowels holding the end on. I don't think it's going anywhere now.

9am, and I was at the office. Jim and I had a fine morning together, but it was busy enough that we didn't really get to "hang out" much. At noon, I made a quick run to the dump, and was home by 12:30. Susan and I were going to a concert, so her folks were going to watch the kids for us. We dropped them off in Somerville, and continued towards Waterville. Susan had printed out directions to Lighthouse Bible and Gift using Mapquest. Note: Mapquest stinks! It's awful. I'd always used Yahoo Maps. Yahoo will tell you things like "head west on 127 for 2 miles. Turn left, onto US RT 987 south for .674 meters." Mapquest was "Get on the road. Turn left on the street." No north, no west. No mileage. It's awful. Don't use it. We printed out maps for two destinations; for two destinations, we had to stop and ask directions! Anyway, we had lots of time, so there were no worries. We found the bookstore (no help from the maps!), and bought a couple of things.

From there, we went to Sonny G's, this great sandwich place in Winslow. No kidding, a sandwich (about $6) is the size of four slices of regular bread. A 1/2 sandwich is about two regular sandwiches you'd eat at home. And, there are like 60 sandwiches on the menu. I had the Johnny Carson (roast beef, corned beef, and provolone), and Susan had the Bill Cosby (I can't remember what's on it). I got a whole one, knowing I wanted leftovers. I'll get three meals out of the one sandwich!

Now, onto the concert. Again, Mapquest is awful. Part of their directions for this trip was "take a left onto this street, then take a right, then take another right. You know what that means? It means you've just made a circle! We ended up in the road we had just been on! Why not just continue straight? So we got to the concert. Petra was the headliner. Opening bands were Bread of Stone, some German woman (sorry, didn't get her name), and Farewell June. They were the hit of the night! Great band, they blew Petra out of the water. At least for me. If you like that big hair, 80s hard rock sound, then Petra is for you. Do you like adult alternative like Counting Crows, Gin Blossoms, and Wallflowers? This is your band! Unbelievable. I'll be getting this album. They had a song called "Welcome Home."

"Welcome good and faithful, welcome home."

Man, am I ever going to be able to hear that without thinking of Dad? Probably not.

So we got home around midnight. Sunday morning, 7:30, I made blueberry pancakes and coffee. On to chruch, where I acted as the song leader for Sunday School. Instead of the family luch we usually have, we headed back to Somerville to pick up the kids. Back home at about 3pm. I played with the kids on the floor, and listened to Click and Clack until it was time for evening church. We picked up pizza at Martime Energy ("Maritime Energy, Maritime Farm Stores, for friendly, reliable service and more!"), and hit the sack at an early (for us) 9:30pm.

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Man, I some wicked ribs and bbq beans at smokey bones in Bangor. Good eats.........

Posted by Harvey @ 09/27/2005 10:03 PM EST

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