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09/29/2005 Entry: "Thursday, Raining"

Not much of a post for you today. Last night, I played a gig and got home much later than I anticipated. Tonight I'm teaching part deux of my eBay class at Camden Adult Ed. So I won't be home much before nine tonight, either. So this is really all you get.

Oh, and I've been meaning to tell you for weeks!!! If you get certain TV chanels, check out G. E. Patterson. Man, can that guy preach a sermon! For real, every time I hear one of his sermons, I end up in tears. Sometimes happy tears, sometimes sad. But man, he preaches so good, all Black gospel church style, full of organ and Hallelujahs! Check it out. Susan and I are Tivo-ing him each Sunday.

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And the choir robes are even purple!!

Posted by Lisa @ 10/03/2005 07:56 AM EST

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