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10/22/2005 Entry: "Paddy-O-Furniture's Second Week of MI-5"

1. Are you one who typically shows up early, spot-on time or late for appointment?
I try to be about a minute or five early. That's how Dad always did it, and that's a trait he passed on to me. At least, you were expected to be on time. Put a few minutes in there to account for any uncertainties. So if the trip were longer, factor in more time. Hey, if everything goes ok, and you're making good time, stop and get a cup of coffee. Dad always said "I'd rather not go somewhere than show up late."

2. Do you Christmas shop throughout the year or at the last minute?
Neither. I don't shop for Christmas all year round, but it's not last minute either. I'm starting to work on Christmas now. So it's not really last minute, but I'm not looking at bargains in February, either.

3. You are going to be late for an appointment and you know it; do you call to let the other person(s) know or just explain it once you get there?
Call. If I'm going to be five minutes late to work--which is rare--I'll call and leave a voicemail. Often times, I'll be there before the manager has time to check his voicemail. Meaning, by the time he gets my voicemail saying I'll be a few minutes late, I'm already there. But still, I call.

4. When something messes up your schedule, do you get upset, or just roll with it?
It really depends. Since I prefer to be on time, sometimes things or people who make me late will annoy me. On the other hand, I try to be flexable, and I'm sure the guys at work will tell you if someone needs to make changes to accomidate someone else, I'm almost always willing to step up to the plate.

5. Tell us an interesting story about a time when you were late or early, or even missed something all together:
There was this one time I showed up for a gig early at Bruno and Ricos--this club in Belfast. I pulled into a parking spot, and noticed Blind Al's van wasn't there. Now that's real unusual! Blind Al is usually hours early to a gig. Then I looked at the building; all the windows were covered in newspaper. I thought "Oh great. The place closed down, the gig cancelled, and Blind Al forgot to tell me." So I walk over to the door to see if there's a note written on it, and this lady on the street stops me and says "How long is this thing going on?" And I said "Um, I don't know what you're talking about, but the band starts at 9pm, and we usually play 'til one." And then she says "My husband's in there, and I want him to come home!" Uh, ok... So As I get to the door, the club owner, Buzzy, opens the door and hurries me inside. The place is full of stripeprs! This troupe of exotic dancers had been hired by a competing club in Belfast. They drove down from Lewiston, ready to put on their "show," and asked the first club for payment. The first club refused payment up front. The manager told him "My girls don't dance without payment first." Still the first club refused. So what is he gonna do, over an hour away from home with a bus load of strippers. So he calls another club in town: Brunos. They danced until 11pm, and we didn't get to set up until then. So all in all, I played about an hour, and got paid the same.

And on a side note... Although I did watch a little of the "show," I found it really depressing. I mean, all these girls who seemed very nice otherwise felt that stripping was the best way for them to make their living. I wasn't really into it. I spent most of my time in the truck, reading.

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