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10/24/2005 Entry: "Long-Weekend Wrap Up"

The Weekend Wrap Up

It was a long weekend for me, really. I took Friday off. I've got two weeks of vacation time left, and I have to use them before the end of the year. So I took a little extra time, and thought I'd get some winterizing done. But first call for Friday would be to sleep in. Whoops! At a little before 8am, Susan came into the bedroom and said "I need some help. I'm sick." So not much winterizing got done. I was able to get the kitchen clean, and I cleaned up the basement a bit.

Saturday, Susan was feeling better. So I spent the morning cleaning the garage, making room for the grill and lawn toys and whatnot. I took two trips to the dump, getting rid of all kinds of junk. Then about 1pm, I headed to my wedding gig with Blind Al. At 3pm, we played this small and very nice wedding at The Farmhouse in Rockport. The bride and groom liked the band, and the food there was very good. (Salad, mashed taters, roasted squash, chicken marsala--a favorite on mine--haddock with crabmeat sauce, and London broil with a mushroom demi-glace.) I was home at a relatively early hour.

So since they went to bed so early Saturday, they decided to get up early Sunday. So I got up with one of them (I can't remember which), and started making Sunday's lunch. And of course, I needed to work on my Sunday School opening. And I needed to shower, as did Susan, as did Julia. And since the boys were up early, they wanted their morning nap earlier than normal. So they were grumpy. And then we found out the neighbors were in a car accident. So we activated the church prayer chain. But that stopped working, so Mom called me trying to figure where that was broken. Whew. And all this before 9am! Thankfully, the neighbors were ok. Church went off without a hitch, I think. (I'm not totally sure, as I had nursery duty, so I was downstairs.) Lunch, which remember I made at like 7am, was delicious, if I do say. Quiche, salad and cake. I tried to take a small nap in the afternoon, but it didn't happen. I did get a little rest, though. Church in the evening, and then band practice after that. By the time I packed up from there, it was a little after 10pm. I ran to Subway for sandwiches for Susan and me. We both agreed the new Chicken Parmagian sub wasn't all that great. I went to bed around 11:30, and woke up this morning tired.

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