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11/01/2005 Entry: "The Day AFTER Halloween"

So yes, I did dress up for Halloween. Here I am at my Kiwanis meeting. From left to right, Joe Catalano as a swashbuckler of some nature, Betty Ann Tucker as a bee (?), club president Carol Kelley as a con, me as something spooky sorta, and Lynn Taylor as a "black widow."

In other Halloween news, and old high school friend emailed me the other day. Robert Bailey sent me a link to James Earl Jones reading Poe's "The Raven" for superpages.com. I had high hopes. I was disappointed. Man, James can't read Poe. The poem needs to grow in energy. The pace needs to quicken. The narrator needs to grow agitated, frightened as the poem goes along. James just read it. No real inflection. I was surprised. But I thank Robert for mailing me the link. And it was good to hear from another "Salt and Pepper Bandit." (I'll tell you that old high school story someday.)

In other Poe news...

So since I was dissapointed with Mr. Jones, I decided to break out a reading I did with a drama troupe years ago in which WE read the poem as a "reader's theater" piece. It was played on local radio, and we added sound effects and such. So as I'm playing it, Julia says "Is it almost over?" She's not scared. She's bored. And Susan said "I never really thought it was that scary either."

Where did I go wrong?!

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