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11/04/2005 Entry: "Jimmy T's Second Week of MI-5"

1. Do you like to dance? If so tell us about it.
Yes, I do. Years ago, I played in a country band, and we played quite a few Sunday afternoon gigs. My sister--three years my elder--was taking dance lessons in gym class. So she taught me to waltz, foxtrot, polka, and jitterbug. So we'd play these dances with other bands, and Lisa and I would dance. Susan and I dance very little. In fact, I dance very little now. I'm usually on the stage.

"Hug a musician. They never get to dance."

2. If you could do one kind thing for someone you know in the next
week what would it be?
I can't tell you. But I can tell you this: the guy who's our interim pastor has been preaching on servant evangelism. The idea is that you do something, something small really, that shows people you love them, and ultimately that God loves them. I've been trying to do those kind of things over the past few weeks. It's kind of a "random acts of kindness" thing. I know some of you reading this will say "Hey, Bill did this little thing for me a few weeks ago," and I say "I did it because I love you and God loves you too."

3. Tell us what you do online in your private life? What won't you do online that you can do online?
Personally, I don't think online dating seems to work out too much, but my friend Harley met his lovely wife online. Like Jim, I pay some bills online, shop online, work online, communicate online. Heck, the most intimate portions of my life are online. I'd do just about everything on line.

4. What is your favorite game (think video, board or card games not sports)?
Favorite video game would make me go old school. I like Frogger, Centapide, and Donkey Kong. Board game? Trivial Pursuit, and more specifically, Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. For card games I like Cribbage and Spades, although I NEVER get a chance to play them.

5. Describe your most harrowing automobile breakdown.
I don't really have one that was "harrowing," but I have one that's memorable. I was in Augusta with my boss one snowy day, when I hit a granite curb hidden under some snow. It put quite a gash in the tire. So I pulled off the road, prepared to change a tire, on a pick-up (not easy to do), in the snow. Great. Now on this Ford truck, maybe most Ford trucks, the jack is stored under the hood. So I reached down and pulled the hood release. The cable snapped. So I'm here with my boss, hood release handle in hand, jack under the hood, which I can't open, with a flat tire. I had do get a tow about 2/10ths of a mile to Sams Club to get a new tire. And the strange part? We had just LEFT Sams Club when I got the flat!

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