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11/17/2005 Entry: "Last Night's Dream Sequence"

Paddy and I had just finished putting the gear in White Lightnin'. We played this gig in Disneyworld, and I was navigating the truck through a whole crowd of people. I spied a cappuccino stand and I said "You want something to drink before we head back to Maine?" He said that he wasn't really thirsty, but he'd like a sip of whatever I got. "You want me to get a giganta-huge cappuccino and we'll split it?" He said "No, you don't have to get a big one. I just want a little sip."

So we hopped out of the truck, and made our way over to the stand. Paddy informed me he didn't have any money. I told him not to worry about it; it was on me. So he then says to the lady "I'll take two super grande tall mochaccinos, two lemon bars, and two of those navel oranges." I looked at him stupefied. Where had this sudden hunger come from? Was it because I said I'd pay?

Next thing I know, this guy is walking over to me. I recognize him as the director of this play Susan and I are in. He said "Did you buy some props for the play on your credit card?" I told him I had. "Do you still have the receipt?" he asked. I handed it to him.

"That circled figure is my share," I said. "We're going to split the cost three ways. Susan is paying 1/3, I'm paying a third, and the producer is paying 1/3."

He said "Doesn't it seem more fair that, since the show is keeping the props, that we pay 100% of the tab?"

I agreed.

Then I woke up.

Here's the strange thing. Monday night I had the Buddhist sex dream. Well that night, I woke up around three, and had a little square of Lindt chocolate and a swig of milk. Then Tuesday. No snack. No dream. Wednesday night (last night) I had the same square of chocolate and sip of milk in the middle of the night. And then this dream! Have I found the secret to the Billy Rhythm Strange Dream Machine??!!?!

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Dude, this is simply explained: The REAL me in your dream was fine with a sip ... the animatronic replicant that Disney replaced me with was there to make you spend money! Dig?

Posted by Paddy @ 11/17/2005 08:47 PM EST

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