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11/25/2005 Entry: "Very Cool!"

theatersign (14k image)

This is what greeted me when I arrived in downtown Dover/Foxcroft last weekend. How cool is that! First I get a hamburger named after me, now this!

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A hamburger named after you?

Posted by Harv @ 11/25/2005 08:47 PM EST

It needs to say "featuring Billy Rhythm". SOLD OUT

Posted by Jim @ 11/25/2005 10:09 PM EST

Or "Hell's Bells ~ Cowbell Orchestra ... Sold Out, Biatch!" Or something, errr like that.

Posted by Paddy @ 11/26/2005 09:35 AM EST

Harvey, click here to see the details of the Billy Rhythm Burger.

Posted by BR @ 11/26/2005 10:31 AM EST

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