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11/28/2005 Entry: "Thanksgiving Weekend Wrap-Up"

Here's the weekend wrap-up for you. It was a long weekend, so let's see how much I remember.

Thanksgiving was spent here with my in-laws. Everything went well. Stress was suprisingly low. We must be getting better at pulling it off! The turkey was yummy, and instead of creamed onions, we served my sister's French onion casserole. Think French onion soup without the soup. Fantastic! (I ate the little bit that was left over for supper!)

Friday. Julia and I ran a few errands in the morning. Friday evening I played with Blind Al in Brunswick. That went well, and the place was busy. They were actually at capacity, and had a line at the door. People had to leave before you could get in. I got home a little after two, and Paddy pulled in right behind me, having just come home from band practice. I had my eyes proped open, and he's giving me hugs. It was a little surreal.

Saturday, hmm. I don't really remember much. Susan ran some errands while I stayed home with the boys. Back to Josua's that evening. Home at about 2:30, in bed at 2:40.

Sunday morning was hectic. Getting to church on time was accomplished, but barely. I led Sunday School, and then taught the adult Sunday School class. Topic? The nine types of stories found in the gospels. (We got through the first two.) We celebrated cousin Sarah's birthday with lunch at Ma's. In the afternoon I took a nap. Sunday evening I preached my first sermon: John 13 and Luke 5. Subway for supper. (Chicken/Bacon/Ranch. What else?!) Bed.

Monday. The office. Everything broke. The phone rang constantly. Crazy. But now, peace! Sort of...

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How's the ride working out? That is all, oh ya how the heck are you?

Posted by r. hollis @ 12/05/2005 08:50 AM EST

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