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12/20/2005 Entry: "Week-End Low Down"

OK, here goes.

Friday night. It was raining. I left the office and headed for Shaws. JJ and I were ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. We've done it for years. I think one time in the last six years our schedules were such that we couldn't do it together. But usually, we do. The rain (and earlier snow) kept many away, I think. But we did our thing, I brought some coffee, and all was cool. I grabed some Swedish meatballs in Shaws for supper, and then went home.

Saturday morning I did my thing at the MIS offices with Paddy. I hit the dump a noon. In the early afternoon, I took my DJ rig to the Trade Winds, and set up early so I could attend Julia's ballet recital. She danced to the Russian Dance from the Nutcracker. As soon as it was over I headed to my gig. That got done around 11pm, I think, and I was home about midnight.

Sunday morning I was up early. I hit Mic D's for a breakfast burrito and coffee. I needed to be at church by 8:30 to practice a sermon. Our Interim wanted us to do this Christmas reader's theater thing instead of a regular sermon. I played the part of, no kidding, Jesus and God. For real. After church, I ran home, grabbed a quick bite, and went to the Owls Head Transportation Museum for a Christmas concert. That went well, even though I was just sitting in, mostly sight reading the music. One trumpeter turned around after a lively Jewish medley and said "You played that real nice." Thanks! While I was there, Ethan snuck me out back to view a 1925 Arhens Fox, the dream machine of all fire truck lovers. Then I went home, hoping to take a nap. But the boys wanted to play, so we wrestled on the floor for a while. Then evening church. Then home. We did NOT go to Subway, and I did NOT have a chicken/bacon/ranch sandwich. (I can hear Jane gasping now.)

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What no chicken/bacon/ranch! What is the world coming to?
I just got back from the Brass Compass where I enjoyed a delicious Billy Rhythm burger. Yum yum!

Posted by Jane @ 12/21/2005 01:50 PM EST

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