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12/21/2005 Entry: "Temptation!"

Earlier today, I sooo wanted to go to my Amazon wish list and see what had been purchased! I didn't though. It's too close for me to start being naughty.

In other news that isn't really news, I picked up some coffee at the local coffee shop/bookstore today. Columbian Supremo. We'll be having guests over the holidays, so I didn't want anything to stavin'. I also picked up some of that tea I like. I've been calling it "Lapdog Shoeshine" since I can't remember the name.

I'm so ready for bed.

Just so you all know, I bought four snare drums this year. And the year's not over yet! Who knows, maybe there will be time for me to snag one of these! (I need another drum set like I need another kid!)

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I will have to try that tea. Lately I have been into vanilla chai. Yummy! I hope you and Susan and the kids have a very merry and safe Christmas! big grin

Posted by Michelle @ 12/23/2005 08:26 AM EST

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