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12/28/2005 Entry: "Slingerland Rolling Bomber"

So what's the big news for today? Well, I drove down to Portland to check out a Slingerland Rolling Bomber drum set. During WWII, metal was rationed. So drum companies were forced to make many parts that were normally metal out of wood. Of the four major drum makers of WWII, Slingerland made the best looking kits. And, Slingerland made their tom-toms with tunable bottom heads; the other manufacturers went back to using non-tunable, tacked on bottom heads. Well, knowing there was this kit so close to home, I made arrangements to go and check it out. Money's not exactly falling out of my wallet, but I got a little refund from another failed drum project (more on that another time). I also took my Leedy Black Elite with me, thinking I might trade that too.

I came home with a new pair of sticks.

That's it.

When I buy a drum, it's not just for collecting purposes. Everything I own gets played. Nothing sits in a display case. I wanted this drum set to play with the hip cats of 3 Button Deluxe. This set had all the original calfskin heads on them. And they were on there tight! Shane (one of the guys at the shop) and I struggled, even using a screwdriver, to get the top head off the snare. Then, I tried putting a modern--though slightly oversized--head on it. Even that was too small. It fit, but I had to push it on. Then in order to get the screws in to tighten the head, I had to lean on the rim and push down. Too tight. I didn't bother to check the fit of the other drums. I just couldn't justify the price, knowing that I'd need to recondition the set, buy a new set of heads for all the drums, and then not know if they'd fit.

So, that set didn't come home.

I figured I might then take a look at the Stanton Moore Wide Ride. They'd already sold it.

Ho hum!

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Have a great New Year! I don't think we will be up your way unfortunately but I wish I could hear you guys play. You should sell some cd's. I'd buy one big grin

Posted by Michelle @ 12/31/2005 09:35 AM EST

how much did that portland dealer want for that rolling bomber set?
ps--was it 4 or 5 pieces?

Posted by david Augspurger @ 01/11/2006 07:55 PM EST

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