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01/02/2006 Entry: "Spiritual Mis-Heard Earworms"

So let's say you're in church, and someone requests "Let Thy Mantle Fall on Me." And then, let's say some morning at 3am you get up with one of your twin sons--the one named Matthew. And then let's say about an hour later, you can't get to sleep, and you're lying in bed. And then let's say you cross the aforementioned hymn with "Mansion Over the Hilltop." You'll then be singing "Let Thy Mansion Fall on Me" over and over again, unable to sleep in the wee hours of the morning. Nice.

Also, for those of you who requested it, there are new photos of the kids in the Gallery. Enter the gallery (link on the left, there), and then click the "Latest Added" link to see all the new ones.

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Two of hearts
Two hearts that beat as one
Stacey Q

Posted by Jim @ 01/03/2006 05:03 PM EST

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