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01/06/2006 Entry: "3BD, on TV, and then I didn't go to work..."

OK, so Three Button Deluxe played on TV last night. How'd it go? Ok, I guess. My mic was too loud. The bass was too soft. Because we were playing into TV mics, there were no speakers in the room. No speakers means no monitors, and that means you can't hear any singing. We're a tight enough band so we knew where we were in the tune all the time, but if someone got lost, or sang the wrong verse, the rest of us wouldn't know, because we couldn't hear each other! I don't care how loud Paddy sings, you can't here him when his back is to you, there's a bass amp on your left and a guitar amp to my right. All while playing drums of course! And the interview portion was really short, so I didn't get to mention Kitten Dagley or the Billy Rhythm Burger at the Brass Compass. Oh well, I'll mention them here!

When I arrived in Portland, as is my custom, I called home and told Susan I'd arrived safely. She informed me she wasn't felling well, had a fever and chills, and was throwing up. I felt really bad I was 1:45 away, and couldn't help. When we were done, I called again to let her know I was leaving. Now she told me Julia was sick too! I booked it for home, stopping only for supper and windsheild wash. (The snow yesterday made the roads quite goopy for travel.) When I reached Warren, my cell phone rang. Susan was wondering how far away I was, as Nathaniel had just thrown up too! Let me tell you, my night at home was just as exciting (though much stinkier) as playing on TV!

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Sorry to here that the family has been under the weather,Jen and I have been dealing with it to. I saw the show you guys sounded and looked great on the tube. Hopefully one day Jen and I just might get to see 3BD live again.

Posted by Rays @ 01/09/2006 04:25 PM EST

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