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01/04/2006 Entry: "So here was last night's dream."

Paddy and I were in Portland, riding to a gig in White Lightnin'. We had just made a turn into the parking lot of The Drum Shop in Portland, when a red light started blinking on my dashboard. It said, I kid you not, "Danger!" There were also some green finger looking lights that blinked below the DANGER light. I looked at my gauges, and everything seemed ok--oil pressure was fine, temperature was fine. Then the DANGER light started blinking faster, and the green fingers moved to the top (instead of the bottom) of the DANGER light. Though I had no idea what was going on, I decided to shut the engine off and coast to a stop. Then, I tried to restart the truck. No dice; she was seized up solid. I popped the hood and checked the oil. Not a drop! How could I have a gauge that said I had great oil pressure, and yet have no oil at all! So I got on my cell phone and called my auto club. Paddy got on his cell, and tried to reach the owner of wherever we were playing to let him know we were gonna be late. The end.

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Bummer. At least Father isn't here anymore to give you the "check your oil" lecture. He had no patience with running out of oil. I wish I had a nickel for every time he took one of his outboard/lawnmower customer to task...and of course Unk, whose mower NEVER had any oil in it! In this case though, he would have forgiven you. Better get your gauges fixed! wink

Posted by Aunt Ginny @ 01/04/2006 08:50 AM EST

You did catch the title, right?

Posted by BR @ 01/04/2006 08:54 AM EST

blush Nope, I didn't...I still had a good chuckle though...my car has so many lights that I swallowed the Danger sign hook line and sinker. It's morning, and I'm old! Have a good day.

Posted by Aunt Ginny @ 01/04/2006 09:05 AM EST

It's a sign.....bad things happen when you shop in Portland!

Posted by Harv @ 01/04/2006 09:42 PM EST

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