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01/11/2006 Entry: "Soda"

Jim ordered some old-tyme soda from this wild, "we carry weird stuff" soda place out in California. I was reminded of The Pop Shoppe, some old style soda we used to get as kids. My Uncle Ade used to run a little market in Camden. I seem to remember he would take orders for the stuff, and lots of the Spruce Head crowd would buy it by the case. (We must have been able to get a good deal on it or something.) Anyway, I remember they had Birch Beer (something I didn't like), Root Beer, Orange, Ginger Ale, and so on. Glass bottles--oh how I long for the return of glass bottles! So I googled it, and what do you know, some guy is bringing it back! Of course, it's only available in Canada. (I didn't remember it being from Canada as a kid. Maybe that's why folks could get a good deal on it?)

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The other day I was talking to Ron and recounting my love for that soda. I recall as a kid we used to go to the green thumb to buy stuff for planting and they had a soda machine there that carried all soda from The Pop Shoppe. I used to love that stuff but I never could remember what the brand was. When I read this I remembered it! Having a soda from that machine was one of my great childhood memories. It tasted so good! I hope they bring this back so we can order it or buy it locally.

Posted by Jim @ 01/14/2006 06:23 PM EST

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