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01/13/2006 Entry: "Gina's MI-5"

1. What would you say was the biggest change you've experienced in the past year?
The death of my Dad.

2. If you could only take one memory of the past year with you into the new year, what would you choose?
Wow. That's a hard one. I guess I'd have to choose the BEST memory I have for this year, right? I mean, if you could only remember one thing, you'd want it to be a good one. Nothing is really jumping out at me.

3. Tell us one thing you learned in the past year. A new skill? A life lesson?
I "made" my very first snare drum this year, and that included drilling all the holes. That's a useful skill that few drummers have--the ability to really build their own instrument. If you miss up the drilling, you've go an extra hole for all to see. So you've got one chance to do it right. And I learned a technique to do it. I've also learned that if I lean on God, I can get through a lot. Or better, he can take me through it.

4. All things considered, would you classify 2005 as a good year or a "bad" year for you?
It was a good year. They're all good. I haven't had one yet I'd put in the "ad" column.

5. Looking forward to 2006, what thing(s) are you hoping to do, make, see differently?
What would I lke to do? Try parachuting. Make? More money than I can spend, in less time then I'm currently taking. See differently? I don't know.

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