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01/16/2006 Entry: "Week-End Wrap Up"

So Friday night, what happened? Nothing I guess. Susan made a yummy pork chop supper, and then I guess it was just bed.

Saturday I got up and made blueberry muffins for the fam. Then I went off to work at the office. I had a little meeting with a new web client in the afternoon, and then I went home and did some work on their site. In the evening, I went and picked up a pizza at Bricks. After the boys went to bed, Julia, Susan and I played a new card game she got for Christmas.

I woke up Sunday to the sound of sleet on the windows. My brother-in-law called me to tell me the roads in Spruce Head looked really slick. I called Interim Pastor Chris in Augusta (a one hour drive away) and asked him his thoughts on canceling church. He said it was snowing very hard in Augusta. So, we decided to call it off. Since my morning was now free, I made a gigantahuge breakfast for everyone: bacon, eggs, toast, hasbrowns, and coffee. I washed dishes while Susan and the boys took a morning nap. Nothing really jumps out at me what we did in the afternoon. I think we watched Madagascar. It was really quite funny! We had church in the evening--and after I ripped my car doors open from the ice, I went.

Monday. I'm off today, one of the MIS floating holidays. I made biscuits for everyone this morning. Julia and I ate ours with sausage, and Susan had hers with honey and butter. I'm planning on going to my Kiwanis meeting at lunch time, and then I have two drum lessons to teach this evening. And that's about it for me, I guess.

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You forgot to mention that your Sunday afternoon was spent with Goulash!!! smile

And, what's kinnda funny, is this morning at 4:00 AM, I realized I had forgotton to add the sour cream to the recipe! Because I had it in the slow cooker, I wanted to wait until the last minute to add the sour cream so that it wouldn't curdle. So what are your thoughts--do I had the sour cream next time, or not?

Posted by Lisa @ 01/16/2006 09:34 AM EST

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