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01/18/2006 Entry: "Chicken Soup in the Bible"

I don't remeber exactly how it came up, but last night, on the way home from Bible study, Jim and I got into a discussion on: "Did they have chicken soup in Biblical days."

We decided that you needed two essential things to make chicken soup: a chicken, and boiling water.

We tackled the boiling water thing first. At first, we wondered if they had a vessel that could hold boiling water. Did they have metal pots as we do? Can you boil water in earthenware pots? I don't know. I figured "Hey, and earthen pot is fired in a kiln, right? It must be able to take some heat!" I also remembered the custom of the Levitical priest putting a fork in a pot of boiling sacrifice, and whatever came out on the fork was his rightful portion. So, they did have boiling water.

Next, chicken. Did they have chickens? Are chickens specifically mentioned? I remembered the story of the rooster crowing after Peter's denial of Christ, so they must've had chickens.

And yet, I can't find any actual scripture reference to chicken soup. More research must be done!

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