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01/19/2006 Entry: "Fire Engine, Poe, and Randomness"

A 1930 Seagrave fire engine for auction here in Mane. Estimate? $3000 - $5000. I say it'll go way more.

Don't you just love the funny stuff that comes when you mis-hear something? What Paddy said was "Did you brew that coffee strong enough to stop an Abrams tank?" What I heard was "...to stop a Negro's clank." A Negro's clank??? What's that?

I sent an ad to my radio sales rep yesterday. He's new; Hank (my old sales rep) went on to greener pastures. Anyway, this ad has music from Jazz guitarist John Schofield. So I sent it to my new rep, and I got an email back. He said "Production says this skips. Can you resend it?" It's not skipping... It's Jazz! :-)

Happy birthday to Edgar Allan Poe. Every year on this day a mysterious stranger--nicknamed the Poe Toaster--leaves three roses and a half a bottle on congac on his grave. For years, people have watched this person from outside the cemetery, letting him pay homage without interference. Until this year. It's sad they can't relish this last Poe mystery. To the current Poe Toaster: If you ever need a fill-in, let me know. I'd gladly come to Baltimore for you.

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Yeah, I used to love that Poe Toaster tradition ... until a few years ago when whoever the then toaster was started making topical comments in the notes left at the grave, like commenting on the Superbowl or dissing French cognac. Kinda took the romance out of it for me right then and there.

Uhhh, check please.

Posted by Paddy @ 01/20/2006 08:24 AM EST

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