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01/23/2006 Entry: "Week-End Wrap Up"

So this weekend, huh? Well, let's see. Friday night I came home. No gigs. Supper and then a card game with Susan and Julia. Bed.

Saturday. I got up with the boys, and let Susan sleep in. About 8:15, though, I had to wake her as I needed to get ready for work. I pulled the nine to noon shift. Then home for a little bit. About 4pm, I started packing up for my DJ gig. I played a 30th birthday party for an old Spruce Head chum. (His older brother and I were in the same grade. He's a few years younger.) They had such a good time, they had me stay two hours later. They danced to everything. And, since it was no wedding or anything, they didn't want slow songs. Just five hours of non stop dancable music. I finished at midnight. After breaking down, getting home, and having some supper, it was almost 2am.

Sunday morning I awoke with one of the worst migraines I've had in recent memory. It was "so bad I was nausesous" ones. I took four ibuprofen, and could feel it wasn't going to work. So I pulled out the big gun: Fioricet. (Actually, I have a bigger gun: Imitrex. But at like $10/pop, I use them very rarely.) Before I left for church, I could feel it kicking in. By the time we got there, my headache was almost gone. After church, we had Mom's birthday dinner: meatloaf and mac and cheese. Susan cooked the maccaroni on the crockpot! Can you believe it? It was stupendous! In the afternoon, I played a benefit gig with Blind Al. It was the Maine Blues Society and Clear Channel raising money to help people with high fuel oil costs. So I played a set, and the drummer from Rattlebox let me use his kit--an old Gretsch. I commented to him after the gig that a) he had really nice cymbals, and b) his snare sounded really good. I mentioned that Gretsch snares often sound kinda boxy and dry. He confessed to me "It's not a Gretsh snare. It's a Tama!" A-Ha! Then we went to church in the evening, and came home to an uneventful night. Except for that dream I had about the cat...

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