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01/20/2006 Entry: "The tooling around town MI-5."

These questions all have a theme. The idea is to share with us where you like to do business around town. You can tell us where and then if there is any specific reason why you choose that location. As these can be short they are divided into sections relating to a certain activity so each activity might represent a few questions. As I said the answers can be short so that is why I did it like this. You can elaborate on any answers as you wish or just make them simple.

1. Time to eat...
Where do you like to shop for food? Where do you like to go out for lunch or dinner?
Shopping for food is either Hannafords or Shaws. They both have their pluses and minuses, though I would say I prefer (slightly) Shaws, but shop mostly at Hannaford (it's closer to home). I could go to lunch just about anywhere. For a nice dinner, I like The Samoset, especially the Duo of Lamb.

2. Cars...
Do you have a favorite place to fill up? Where do you like to get your repair work done? Oil changes?
I usually fill up at a Maritime Farms as I have a "nickel off per gallon" card. My work is usually done at Genuine, though I may try Mr. Tire next time around. During the summer, I usually change my own oil. In the winter, I guess I go to Prompto most.

3. Hair...
Do you have a favorite place to get your hair cut or fixed?
Mom's house!

4. Repair and service...
Do you have a favorite plummer? Carpenter? Repair service for household things?
In the past, when I needed a plumber, I used my buddy Tim, a bass player and HVAC man. When I needed stuff done around the house that I can't handle (which is most everything), I would call my former pastor Ken Anderson. I haven't needed either of them in a couple of years, though.

5. The big shopping trip...
We all head out of town from time to time to do a big shopping trip. Where do you usually go for this? Any favorite out of town stores you visit on this trip?
Portland. When I go, I like to hit The Drum Shop and an Italian restaurant. In reality, I never really need to go, though.

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I do most of my grocery shopping at Hannaford's, as I feel it's less expensive. I do go to Shaw's from time to time when they have something on sale (like buy 1, get 2 free). Like Bill, I can eat about anywhere. Right now I'm on a Big Mac kick. Big Mac with only onions and cheese. Yum! I really enjoy Applebee's, and hope that they will soon come to Rockland. I'd like to try Tim Horton's a couple of more times, too, once they finally open.

2. I almost always fill up at Maritime Farms on the South End. Unless I'm on the road. Gas is always less expensive out of town. There is a Getty (I think) in Lisbon Falls that is usually 20 cents cheaper or so than what it is in Rockland. We like to go there when we visit Dwane's family. Dwane does all of the car repairs. I don't even remember the last time I took a car for repairs. We usually get the oil changed at the Texaco behind the car wash. Dwane always pays extra so he can go through the car wash.

3. Ditto!

4. Dwane does all that stuff, too. We have a service contract for the furnace, so Maritime Energy does take care of that.

5. We go to Brunswick, Portland, Bangor, and Augusta. I always like to go to Bath & Body Works, Big Lots, big bookstores. I like wandering around Target, too, although I never seem to buy anything there.

Posted by Lisa @ 01/20/2006 06:58 PM EST

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