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02/03/2006 Entry: "Paddy's MI-5"

SPAM comes true! Yes, like wishes granted, suddenly SPAM messages are coming true ... care you ready? They are all separate, by the way ... so treat each as its own deal.

1) Congratulations! You can pick one location to visit this winter free of charge for a week. Where do you go?
Hmm. This is a toss-up. If it's sans kinds, then probably Italy. Or maybe Grand Cayman. That seemed a nice place when we went on our cruise, and someplace I'd like some more time to explore. If it's with kids, then there's no doubt: Disney World! I can't wait to get back there.

2) You won! Pick any software program you want, free of charge! What do you pick?
Some crazy bundle with Dreamweaver and Photoshop.

3) Mr. Abdul Muddawhanny of Niger has forwarded the check for $1,000,000.00 to you for helping him with that nasty foreign banking business. How to spend it?
Pay off the house. Go to Grand Cayman, Italy, and Disney World. For myself, a little Gretsch be-bop kit in burnt orange lacquer. With leftover, buy a new house. Now if only I could get a good rate on a mortgage...

4) You secure a fixed 1.5% mortgage on a new home! Where and what do you buy?
Susan and I agree on this: a Victorian. Probably a Queen Anne style cottage. We love the funk lines, the spires, the round rooms, the cool windows, the furniture, mahogany, a library with dark red wallpaper... Hook us up! Now, if we could only have that put in Spruce Head!

5) Look years younger! You've been awarded a free plastic surgery procedure. What are you gonna fix?
My double chin. I'm not to overly concerned with my appearance, but if I could, I'd have that reduced.

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