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02/03/2006 Entry: "The Rockin' Guys at Northern Kingdom Music"

They've figured out the ultimate marketing plan! First, figure out who the good customers are. Then, figure out what they would like, but don't as of yet, own. Then order those things! Instant sale!

Paddy saw the new Fender Jaguar bass in Musician's Friend. He mentioned it to the super fantastic guys at NKM. Harv says "Yeah, we were thinking about getting one of those. What color does he want?" Red! You know as soon as that bass shows up, instant sale!

I've been checking out some ride cymbals. I've narrowed it down to two: an A Zildjian and CIE and a K Constantinople light ride. You know what they're willing to do? They'll order both for me, and I can pick the one I want! How cool of them, huh?

Then today, Harv called me to check on Nat. He mentions he ordered some new Sabian cymbals, including a new 22" Sabian Vault Medium ride. I said something to the effect of "Oh, a medium is too heavy for me. I'm looking for something lighter." And he said "I'll call 'em up and change it to a light ride if it's not too late." Just so I could hear it! Total coolness from this guy! Then he calls back and says "The order just arrived. And come to find out, I actually ordered the light ride. Come check it out." Wicked! Major props to Harvey!

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