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02/08/2006 Entry: "Two Nights Worth of Dreams"

On Monday night, I dreamed I was at my Mom's house. She was hosting a weight loss club-something that's been done from time to time within Spruce Head families and churches. It's kinda like a Weight Watchers group, just not sanctioned by WW. At this particular "Fat Club" (as my Dad always called it), when you got weighed in, you held onto a heavy box. The idea was this: it wasn't about how much you weighed, but how much you lost. No one knew how much the box weighed, so when you stepped on the scale, no one knew how much of that weight was you, and how much was box. So no one had to be embarrassed.

I would have none of it. "I know I'm overweight," I announced, "and that's why I'm hear. I don't care if anyone knows how much I weigh." I stepped up to the scales. "285 pounds," I guessed, like I was some kind of fair barker. I got on. My actual weight was 346! I couldn't believe it! I had to lose 60 pounds just to get back to my normal overweight weight!

I was so depressed I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to participate with the group anymore that night. So I decided I'd clean my Mom's kitty litter box. I got the little scoop, and noticed it had slots like a normal scoop, but also some sharp ridges. And the openings in the scoop were much more narrow than normal. When I griped about how long it was taking to sift the litter through the smaller holes, my Mom explained "The sharp ridges are there to break up the clumps. You have to sift it longer in order to break up the clumps, and then I dry out the wet litter a little, and reuse it."

Before I could question why you would reuse previously peed on cat litter, I woke up.


Last night, I had three dreams. Here are two of them.

First, I dreamt South Thomaston was selling another fire engine. I somehow saw a picture of it online, and made arrangements to go look at it.

Suzanne Ward, owner of Second Read Books and Coffee, was brokering the deal. Why? How should I know, that's why it's a crazy dream! I got there, and she explained the truck was around back. She got in my car, and we went around back. It wasn't there. I looked over at Arthur Greirson's house (who actually does live next door to S. Thomaston's fire station), and saw a cool old ladder truck.

"Is that the one?" I asked.

"No, that one's not for sale. Arthur is going to restore that one," Suzanne explained.

As we got around front, Arthur and his brother Bobby pulled up in a truck. It was not the one from the picture. It was some big, square, '70s era tanker. I said "Yeah, I'm not interested in that at all. I'm looking for something older, rounder, and in a pumper.

End of that one...


Family members read on with caution!

Dream #2

I was downstairs in my house folding laundry. Only it wasn't my actual house. The basement was huge! So anyway, there I am folding laundry, when I turn around to put something on a rack, and there's my Dad!

"Surprise," he said. "Your sister told me upstairs that I should yell down to you, and let you know I was coming so you wouldn't be frightened, but I wanted to surprise you." I gave him a big hug, and kissed him on the check. He said "I've missed you." And then I woke up crying.


Well, how's that for a happy way to start your day!

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Shortly after my Dad died I had a dream about him. Since he had died in the early spring, we had to wait to bury him. So I guess it was on my mind. I dreamt my family was in a big stadium waiting to bury my father. The thing was my father was standing there chatting with us - waiting to be buried. Odd huh?

Posted by gina @ 02/08/2006 11:01 AM EST

Since my grandpa died- I dream about him alot...usually he is fishing with me...weird since I can only remember doing this with him once in my life!

Posted by Amy @ 02/09/2006 06:19 PM EST

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