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02/07/2006 Entry: "I Played Me Some Jazz"

Sometimes, if you're going to play it right, you really do need the right instrument. Let's take me (of course) and Jazz. I've never been too happy with my Jazz chops. I love to play Jazz. But I never really thought I sounded good while playing it. I always thought I sounded like a poser--someone who wanted to play Jazz, but really couldn't. I just never had the right sound.

Until today!

On my lunch break, I headed downstairs to the studio. I slapped the hand-hammered Sabian hi-hats on the stand (hats borrowed from Northern Kingdom, btw), put the Vault Artisan Light Ride on my right, and my Jack DeJohnette Signature ride on my left. Put on some Charlie Parker (as played by Charlie Watts and his band--see my new desktop photo), and WAILED! Man, is that ride a nice cymbal! It was kinda funny: the sound of that cymbal influenced what I was playing! Is was so thin, it responded differently to my sticks. It was crash-able for accents. It spoke without having to beat on it. The sound of a Jazzer's cymbal influenced me to play like a Jazzer.

I've got to get a set of Jazz cymbals.

No wonder Clarke changes guitars so much.

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Which Squares album are you listening to?

Posted by Harvey @ 02/07/2006 09:53 PM EST

Bye Bye, Route 66.

Posted by BR @ 02/08/2006 08:02 AM EST

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