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02/13/2006 Entry: "Millinocket and the Olympics"

Wow! It's been a long time since I posted! Almost a week. Well, I spent this weekend in Millinocket at a gig. So I want to cover that. And, I didn't do the MI-5, so I'll need to do that. But the olympics are on, and I've been watching the curling. What a strangely cool sport. I'd try it sometime if someone is heading to the Belfast Curling Club.

Also last week I spent a bunch of time working on the Bayview Concierge site. And I did some work for Leisure Maine Rentals. (Paddy was the designer, but he's too busy for the upkeep, so he threw it my way.) Tonight (while watching curling) I'll be working on Susan Gilbert's site. (I didn't design that one either, but she needed someone to do the maintenance.)

Maybe tomorrow you'll get a bigger post. But, it is Valentine's day, and I'm leading Bible study tomorrow night, so maybe you won't. Who knows?

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Glad to see you made it home safely from the gig! I turned on the Olympics and was amazed to find myself caught up in curling as well!!

Posted by Harv @ 02/13/2006 09:18 PM EST

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