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02/14/2006 Entry: "Shootin' Props to Amy"

So I just got back from Bible Study. The interim pastor was out, so I led a little study on Valentine's day, and whether we should celebrate it our not due to it's pagan roots. (I say it's fine. If some don't like it, that's fine too. See Romans 14:5 if you'd like my angle.) Anyway, I get home, and there on the porch is a box from Amazon. I figured Susan had bought me another Valentines present, and left it for me to find on the porch. When I got inside, Susan said it wasn't from her. Aha! It must be from Jim then. He dropped it off while I was gone. I opened it up, and there was a wrapped present inside. I read the note.

It was from Amy and her Bad Groove!

She asked for advice on headphones on her blog. I offered some free advice on some headphones that I love. She ended up buying them! She sent me an email, and told me so. I replied "You better post some props on your site." She did even better. She bought me the Johnny A CD from my wishlist! Too cool! My first present from a cyber-person! (Amy and I have never met. I know her only from her blog.)

Thanks so much, Amy!

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