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03/05/2006 Entry: "The Education MI-5"

My sister asked today if I did my own MI-5. It was done, but I forgot to post it! And I was online a bunch yesterday, working on websites. And yet I still forgot. Oh well, here it is, two days late...

1. What was your favorite subject in grade school? High school? College?
In grade school my favorite subject was Reading. I was an early reader, and could read the newspaper in Kindergarten. My parents tell the story of how the teacher would send home notes saying "Billy can't cut straight, and he doesn't color in the lines." And they would reply "But he can read!" Then towards the end of the year, the teacher "caught" me reading to another kid. She sent home a note that read "Billy can read!" Um, right! In high school I liked band and chorus, science (biology and chemistry; I wasn't into physics), and English. In college I tended to like the "funkier" classes. Biomedical Ethics is one I really liked, as well as the Tragedies of Shakespeare and Victorian and Romantic Era Poetry.

2. Let's say you had the opportunity to take an evening class. What subject would it be?
I'd really like to find a class on Greek. Also a hands-on workshop for CSS.

3. Would you tell us the name of your first school crush?
Heather Sewall. In fact, we used to kiss each other goodnight before we got on the bus!

4. What was your favorite "hot lunch" (lunch served in the cafeteria)? What was your favorite "cold" or brown bag lunch?
Owls Head Central School made a mean scrambled hamburger in brown gravy over instant potatoes that I loved. The chicken nuggets were good too. I usually didn't take a bag lunch, but when I did, tuna would probably be the sandwich. The milk in the thermos never got cold, so I didn't dig that. On field trips Mom would always let me have a can of Fresca, wrapped in tin-foil to help keep the cold in. MMmm. Love that Fresca!

5. Tell us about some cool high school field trip/dance/outing/fling you participated in, or some cool memory like that...
There was this one time that the band played the opening of the Maine senate. You know, Star Spangled Banner from the balcony, that kinda thing. After we were done, we went to McDonalds for lunch. For some reason, a bunch of us (Tish Gagnon, Trisha Watts, Rob Bailey, Jason Wilcox, Alison Murray, et. al.) decided it would be cool if we stole every salt and pepper shaker on the tables. So we did! When we arrived back at the school, there was Vice Principal Russo waiting to talk to us. You could tell from the expression on his face that a) he thought it was funny, b) he didn't really care about such a silly prank, but being the administrator, he had to do something. So he said "Why would you steal the salt and pepper shakers?" And I answered "Because the napkin dispensers where chained down!" (And in fact, they were! And I know this because I figured we ought to take one of those too! Apparently, though, that had happened before, thus the chain.) Anyway, if you look in RDHS yearbooks from 1988 - 1990, you'll see references to the "Salt and Pepper Shaker Caper." That was us, baby!

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Salt n' Pepper Bandits indeed. Some of us had to take the remaining shakers back to the local McDonalds and apologize to the manager on duty!!!

Posted by Rob Bailey @ 03/07/2006 01:11 PM EST

Hey, is this the same rob bailey of 1FBC fame?

Posted by aza @ 03/07/2006 04:09 PM EST

If "1FBC" stands for the First Baptist Church that was on Main Street back in the day, I might be. It all depends on what kind of "fame" your referring to.

Posted by Rob Bailey @ 03/08/2006 09:20 AM EST

Hey Rob! You used to hang out with my sister Stacy. You were always such a cool guy. BR says you're not in prison or anything so I'm assuming you are still a cool guy. hehehe


Posted by aza @ 03/08/2006 10:27 AM EST

Wow - hi Gina! Everyone else - Anything Gina says about the FBC that in any way would bring me "fame" is a lie (unless she has proof). I maintain my unblemished record of a model PK, salt and pepper incident aside.

Posted by Rob Bailey @ 03/08/2006 01:29 PM EST

Hey Rob,
I have no "proof" as you may remember all the pictures that were taken of you without any film in the camera! You were kind though, not an ounce of teasing. big grin

Posted by aza @ 03/10/2006 08:56 AM EST

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