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03/07/2006 Entry: "Babies and Chocolate"

Last night, Matthew slept through the night. Yea! Normally, he's been sleeping through for 8 months. But for the last week or so, he's been getting up three times a night or so. Why? Who knows! We tried adding music. That didn't seem to help. Night light? No difference. Last night we put the vaporizer in their room. Was that the answer? We'll see, but if that's the answer, I wonder WHY it's the answer. In reality, though, I don't care. I'm just glad he slept!

I need to thank my buddy/pusher Jim. Lately, he's been hooking me up with the chocolate. This is some serious gourmet stuff! Usually, I would be happy with some freeze-dried Hershey bars, but he springs this serious GOURMET stuff on me!* I mean, really good stuff. Champagne truffles? He got me some. Lindt? Check! In fact, I have it in a couple of different strengths! Not only do I have the 70% in the drawer, but the unbelievable 99% cocoa! (Review to follow.) Scharffenberger? Sure thing! Heck, Paddy brought me some little Scharffenberger one-bites too! I've gone off the high brow chocolate deep end!

Thanks also to the dudes at Northern Kingdom Music. They ordered a Zildjian K Constantiople Light Ride for me. It sounds fantastic! They actually ordered me two cymbals: this one, and a A Zildjian and CIE ride, and they were going to let me choose between the two. This one sounded so good, I told them it wasn't coming back. Who knows, I'll probably buy the CIE too, once it gets here. And the price? It was sooo right, I don't even dare post it. But they're the people to see for good deals on drums, cymbals, and any other musical instruments.

*Thanks to Jules from Pulp Fiction

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Wuz' up with freeze dried Hershey?

Posted by Harv @ 03/07/2006 08:57 PM EST

Oh, I forgot the note. It's an homage to Jules from Pulp Fiction--cleaned up a bit!

Posted by BR @ 03/07/2006 09:03 PM EST

Lindt chocolate is my absolute favorite. I love the Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate truffles you can buy at the candy counter at Hannaford. Dwane got me a whole box of them for my Christmas stocking (along with a toothbrush!). He got me to bars of Lindt Excellence Extra Creamy for Valentine's Day. I'm ashamed to say that I ate them both in the same day!

Posted by Lisa @ 03/08/2006 08:31 AM EST

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