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03/10/2006 Entry: "Amy's Badgroove MI-5: Cars and Guitars"

This was my first time asking the questions for the MI5: so I apologize now if they have been asked already. Here are my questions:

1. What was your first concert? Did you like it?
David Lee Roth with Tesla as the opening act. I think I was a Freshman in high school, maybe a Sophomore. I liked it very much, but I didn't like being in the crowd in front of the stage. I just got totally squished. Since then, I've always sat in a seat. Interestingly, by the time I went to this concert, I had already spent two years playing in a country band in clubs.

2. What was your first car? Did you have a name for it? Are there any wild or special memories about it you can share?
My first car was an '82 Chevy Citation. It did not have a name. There are no wild memories that I can share. There are some special memories though. I remember listening to James Brown in the school parking lot with the hatch up, jumping around like a fool with Nate Butler to "Gravity." And one time someone needed a ride, and I was full. But they were willing to pay gas money. My brother Mike was with me, so I made him ride in the hatch so I could pull in some extra coin.

3. If you could see anyone in concert that you haven't seen yet- who would it be?
I'm going to assume you're implying the artist is still alive. As I look at all the artists that I really, really like, I've seen most of them: Lyle Lovett, Sarah McLachlan, Harry Connick Jr. The one who is noticeably absent? Counting Crows. And they came to Maine with Dogs Eye View, another band I like. And I heard about the concert the day after it happened.

4. If you could own ANY vehicle what would it be and why? (money is no object of course)
I have two choices: an Audi TT and an Ahrens Fox. Why? 'Cause they're both cool!

5. What kind of car do you drive now? Do you love it? Are there any wild or special memories about it you can share?
I drive a '95 Ford Taurus Wagon, known as The Green Hornet I've had it two years, and I love it. No wild or special memories, though. Just good, comfortable transportation for me and my drums.

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If anyone is still interested, I found an original Ghost Drum Pedal brochure from 1952 that gives a complete description of how the pedal got its name, over the name of Bob Ramsey, whom I met in 1967.

Posted by Dick Allen @ 03/24/2006 05:28 PM EST

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