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03/14/2006 Entry: "Weekend Wrap Up"

You know what? I didn't turn the computer on all weekend. Ok, I did once just long enough to retrieve a phone number, but that's it. It was nice. So here's the weekend wrap-up.

Friday night, I was playing in Waterville at the Midnite Blues Club. It was the same as we're seeing all over the state; the crowd is good until 11pm or so, then it thins out quickly. Why? Is it people going home earlier? Afraid of OUI? The lack of smoking in clubs? Who knows. In any event, we stopped about 12:30, and I gave Blind Al a ride home. Based on his driveway, I can announce that mud season has officially begun in Maine.

Saturday morning I had practice for a pit band I'm working in. GVHS is putting on "The Music Man," and I'll be playing drums for the second weekend (four shows). I'm not playing this weekend (two shows) as I already have a gig this Saturday. So I went to the rehearsal from 9:30 until 1pm. Then I went home, and Susan and the boys and I went to the library and the grocery store. In the evening we had nachos for supper. I was tired and in bed by 9pm.

Sunday morning, and the schedule was already thrown out the window. The boys were up really early, and they were supposed to attend a birthday party at 2pm. How would they get a nap in before that? Susan thought we should take seperate cars to church. Then, after Sunday School, she and the boys would slip out. Julia and I would stay for the morning worship service, and then go have lunch, just the two of us. At first we thought we'd hit McDonalds, but I remembered she'd been asking to go to the Chinese restaurant. So we went there. After lunch, I went to Goodwill and picked out some clothes for '70s theme band "Groove Machine." Julia said I looked "dorky." I guess that's what I'm looking for! What says 1974 better than "dorky"? In the evening, I went back to evening church, then home, then again in bed by 9pm.

Coming here at Billy Rhythm: a photo blog entry!

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