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03/15/2006 Entry: "Photo Blog Entry"

So Amy decided she was going to take some photos, and wanted to know if anyone had any requests. Well Zoot said he/she (I don't know where Zoot falls) could tell a lot about person by seeing photos of some very specific items. Here are mine. Digital camera owners, feel free to play along.

Purse. Well, I don't have one. But I do have a wallet, black, given to me by Cousin Dave for Christmas two years ago.

The contents of said wallet, to include $20-something dollars, various coffee club cards, a few credit cards, many receipts, and pictures of my family.

The floor board of my car. I took a picture of the seat as well, as I think it's more telling. The blue bag is where I keep my Bible and stuff. You'll see some CDs there, to include Ephraim Lewis and Shawn Colvin. (They're the ones out of the case, and on the seat.) You'll also see an egg muffin made by the handy machine Jim gave me.

Also car related, the dash of my car.

Here's my desk at the office. Things to note? The picture of my wife next to my monitor. My Palm Pilot in front of her. A picture of Julia in a red frame to the right of my monitor. The Fat Albert DVD box set Jim gave me (Jim gives me lots of stuff!), and on my calendar on my cubby wall you can just make out Nat.

Now, this is what I consider the weirdest request: my spice rack. Actually we have two. They sit to the left and right of the window over our sink. You'll also see vinegar, sippy cups, and various cooking tools.

Now, what does all this tell you about me? Leave a comment, would you?

Replies: 3 people have rocked the mic!

I would say Zoot is definately a SHE.

Posted by Harv @ 03/16/2006 08:58 PM EST

Zoot is most definitely a she...

and your pictures tell us that your family is most important in your life...and you use a LOT of black pepper LOL

Posted by Amy @ 03/17/2006 05:29 PM EST

I feel I must have been some sort of negative inspiration for this photographic goose chase. I won't be photographing my velcro wallet, missing dash, mismatch car seats, or messy desk.

Posted by jp @ 03/21/2006 09:51 PM EST

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