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03/17/2006 Entry: "St. Patrick's Day MI-5, From My Sis"

1. What are you wearing right now? Do you have on any green?
I'm wearing a blue MIS shirt, tan painters cords, tan socks, brown boat shoes, and some kind of boxer/briefs. I think they're black. No green.

2. What is your favorite shade of green? Kelly? Mint? Teal? Pine? Some other shade?
I'm partial to sea foam and sage.

3. Do you enjoy eating the traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage? What other "Irish food" do you enjoy?
I like corned beef, but I don't like it the "traditional" way. I like it on sandwiches. I like it in hash. I like that stuff in a can with onions and black pepper on soft white bread, like Mom and Dad used to eat. Other Irish food? I enjoy a Guinness now and again. Lemon curd ROCKS! Irish stew is tasty; I like lamb. I like mashed potatoes, and a little drop of Baileys in my coffee at Christmastime.

4. Have you ever looked for a 4-leaf clover? Did you find one?
Yes I have looked, but I have never found one. In fact, I've only seen one once.

5. Do you believe in luck? Why, or why not?
No. I believe it's all in The Big Guy's plans.

Replies: 3 people have rocked the mic!

Seafoam...isn't that like seamist? See my MI-5 smile

Posted by Amy @ 03/17/2006 05:27 PM EST

"I believe it's all in The Big Guy's plans."

Bill Brasky?

Posted by Jim @ 03/19/2006 11:58 AM EST

No, fool! Dave Clarke ... yeesh.

Posted by Paddy @ 03/19/2006 05:08 PM EST

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