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03/22/2006 Entry: "Man, what a busy week."

I had three gigs this weekend, and helped with a fundraiser on Sunday. There's the weekend wrap-up for ya!

I've been helping some friends with their computers. Suzanne's machine is all messed up. It's some crazy Dell built into one of those little cases I hate so much. Nothing is standard size. It needs a video card. Usually, I call Rockbound and have parts by lunchtime. Not this time. Nope. It's got to be ordered. Mom needed some real renovation on her machine, so I put a new hard drive and more memory in it, and put XP on it. Kate's Mac needs a virtual PC installed. But the software she bought doesn't include the actual Windows OS. So you buy Virtual PC from Microsoft, but Windows XP doesn't come with it?! You're only buying the ability to run Windows on a Mac, but not Windows itself. Lame.

The kids slept last night. That was nice.

I'm taking another online course through Barnes and Noble. I've already taken Grammar Fitness, Bible as Literature, History of Jazz, and Business Etiquette. Now I'm taking The Poetry and Life of Emily Dickinson. You know, if I could be a professional student, I would be. Anyway, part of the course is to read a biography on Emily. 900 pages? When am I going to read this? Let's see if I can get through it. Something interesting I've learned is that there is only authenticated picture of Emily. There is a second one, perhaps, but there's still some discussion. It sorta reminds me of Robert Johnson, the blues guitar player. There are only two known photos of him, too. Only at billyrhythm.com to Emily Dickinson and Robert Johnson end up in the same paragraph.

Drums, must get drums in here... Oh, I got a great deal on some K Zildjian Mastersounds. A guy on a drum forum wanted $100 for the pair. Darn right I scoffed them up! I think they'll be here tomorrow. They got shipped yesterday from New Hamster.

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